Friday, April 13, 2007

Bedtime Story

Our usual bedtime routine does not revolve around reality television, at least not more than one night a week that is. However, the other night found me husbandless and nursing the remnants of a three-day migraine, so I was weak, susceptible if you will, to the lure of American Idol (either that or my headache was worse than I thought and I managed to kill several million brain cells with my prescription while trying to get rid of it).

I profess my love for all things "reality tv" with no excuses, but I had never watched American Idol before. This may be hard to believe, especially since that famous hula dancing freak "San-Ji-Ya" is from these parts, but it is true. Never seen the show. Idol virgin.

So there I was, falling asleep to the (yawn) re-cap of the previous night's singing, watching Jennifer Lopez mentor the contestants and Ryan Seacrest interview people on the street about what they thought of the show.

He was holding the microphone for a 20-something guy (who I thought was actually kind of cute) with an afro the size of Texas when Katie sat straight up in bed like she'd just seen Greg Wiggle (she was that exaggerated and her movement was so sudden it startled me - I thought she'd fallen asleep).

"Boys can't have hair like that."

"Like what honey?"

"BIG, like that."

She's pointing at the tv like she's just made the most important of discoveries.

"Oh sure they can, some boys have big hair."

"Oh no they don't."

She was just so adamant with her opinion. I couldn't help myself. I pressed for more information because really, how did my daughter get these notions in her little head anyway? Certainly not from me - I've always tried to keep the gender stereotypes as far away as possible, not wanting to taint her opinion of herself or others.

"Yes, honey they do. Everybody's different."

"The police are going to come and take him away."

Well then, there you have it.

According to my daughter, having an afro is now a criminal offense.

I wonder what the punishment is for this little infraction I like to call "double butt"?

This happens when you wear tights that are too short under a one piece shirt, and then take off the cute skirt that your mom made you wear to school and prance around the patio pushing your Bitty Baby in her stroller.


mrsmogul said...

Out of all the AMerican Idol shows this season's singers are the worst. There is no pizazz from them!

I think at the moment I am routing for Blake.

Sandra said...

Jailed for big hair huh? Good thing she didn't know my hubby in the 80s :)

jen said...

the fashion police, maybe?

i am always wondering where they come up with some of the things they do. (kids, not celebrity types) well, maybe them too.

Lisa said...

Awww. How cut is that little double butt!

Hope your migraine is fully gone. So sorry you had one for THREE DAYS. YIKES!

mk said...

I heart reality TV too! I have to say though that American Idol isn;t one of them though.... your daughter is so cute. They amaze me at what they come up with and how they interpret things. Always keeps us on our toes!

mom said...

Like I said... "Bubble, not Double!"

You know, she is going to be 12-13 some day, and it will be payback time.

Oh, and that big hair? Remember your high school years?

I had some, once, too. Looked just like the Gilda Radner character from SNL, Roseanne Rosanna-Danna

never mind.

Oh, The Joys said...

Dare we say... Camel Butt?

Becky said...

lol that pic is too cute. i can't believe youre an idol virgin. this season i'm very annoyed with it but i still watch it. i'm a sucker.