Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let Your Weird Hang Out!

Recently, I was tagged by MK over at Shootin' the Poop for this little meme. So, in the midst of all the holiday school concerts, taekwondo (for McRae, not me, heavens no), shopping and mailing of Christmas cards, here it is, my weird list. Enjoy!

6 Weird Things You May Not Know About Me (and no fair laughing because you already knew that either!):

1. I was the recipient of a very prestigious award at our high school's "Senior Breakfast" our senior year. Of course, I was too tired to actually attend the the breakfast, but received the "Leadfoot Award" in spite of my absence (the award for being the first car out of the parking lot). My parents were so proud, and optimistic for all those future speeding tickets they were sure I would get (fyi, I've only had 2!).

2. I cannot go to sleep if the tv is on. This is so fun since my husband prefers to go to sleep with some sort of noise. Good times!

3. I hate brussel sprouts. Personally, I don't consider this weird, just good taste!

4. I love Celine Dion's Chsitmas album "These are Special Times". Okay, I see all of you backing away from the computer now. It's okay. Go ahead. I'll get down with my bad self and Celine Dion.

5. I've held hands with a deer.

6. Before the days of e-coli, if my mom was browning ground beef on the stove, I would walk by and grab a little bit when it was half pink, half done. Gross! Can you even imagine doing this these days, even if you know where your meat came from? I don't know what ever posessed me to do that.

So, now that I feel all exposed and vulnerable, go on share your weirdness if you are so inclined. And let me know, so I can feel a little better!



mk said...

Yeah! Thanks for doing it too!

I 100% agree about brussel sporuts and I was always made to eat them as a child! Ugh!

Oh Sr. Breakfasts.... seems so long ago. Love teh award though!

celine? humm....

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I laughed out loud at the senior breakfast award you got, Ms. Leadfoot. That's funny.

I enjoyed your list. I did the weird meme too, so don't feel alone. (MSUGAL tagged me, and I can't wait to get her back sometime when she least expects it ha ha ha ha (evil laugh here).


Anonymous said...

Re #6, I've loved "steak tartar" the two times I've had it -- at E. Hemmingway's favorite hangout in Paris. And that's raw ground beef! Also, concur re brussel sprouts. See you soon (17 days -- I'm counting), UJ

Jenny said...

Oh my God. Number 2? You are so my twin.

But sweetie? Deer don't have hands. Were you high at the time?

Grim Reality Girl said...

On the ground beef -- my Mom was in your club on this too, so you are in very good company.

Leadfoot -- love it! Any kind of sprout is wrong!

I was tagged on this weird thing too. I don't think we are all that wierd from what I'm reading (other than me... oh wait, you do like CELINE!!!!!)

Jill said...

I actually grimaced when I read # 4. But that's OK, because I like the BeeGees.

Lisa said...

Celine, eh? (Backing away...)

But that's a pretty great list. And I can't sleep if the tv's on either!

Angry Dad said...

The whole brussel sprouts thing, that ain't weird at all. It's NATURAL!!!

Mamacita Tina said...

Ok, so I thought I was the only one who, as a child ate the raw ground beef that sat out for hours on end defrosting. Heck, my mom left it outside on the picnic table in the sun so it would defrost faster. How is it I'm still alive?

sunshine scribe said...

Thats some pretty good weird my friend :)

Leadfoot award ... I might have got the opposite ... I was such a scardy-cat driver.

And half cooked ground beef ... ewwww

jen said...


the link you sent me doesn't work...can you resent before 10p tonight? So want to include you and I can't find the post.

Mommy off the Record said...

OK, but is it really possible to hold "hands" with a deer, considering that deers don't have HANDS per se? :)

carrie said...

Jenny and MOTR,

Okay, so deer don't have hands, sorry!!! I did hold a deer's hoves with my hands though!! You get the picture! :)


carrie said...


Thank you for making me feel not so "weird", but I need to clarify, just for the record, that I am not a "Celine" fan - it is just that Christmas album, I swear, really!!!