Friday, October 06, 2006

"Mancation", How About a "Momcation"?

Little did I know that a super sercet subculture is popping up all over the country. It is a new breed of vacation people, a new way to unwind and destress and have all your primal needs met, that is, if you're a guy. That's right, the "Mancation".

Now, I would be a pot calling the kettle black if I said that I didn't understand the theory behind a guys-only weekend away. I am paticularly partial to a girls-only scrapbooking weekend anyplace, anytime (as long as the schedules and checkbook permit). You bring the tape runner, I am there. I also don't mind it if my husband steals a few days a year or so to indulge his secret Nascar fantasies with his buddies (better them than me, I say).

But this whole "mancation" phenomenon has got me wondering, what about a "momcation"?

According to Nightline, the "mancation" is really taking off. The Fairmont Hotel in Chicago is even tailoring a vacation "mancation" package just for the guys. Here is a look at a sample itinerary:

*Early morning rock climbing (you know to return to your caveman roots)
*Motorcycle riding lessons (you know, to remind yourself what risk-taking feels like)
*Lunch at a Sports Bar with a remote at each table (I can't imagine 4 men fighting for the remote, can you?)
*Afternoon nap (hmmmmmm . . .)
*Cocktail-making hour (what, where they learn to mix a rum & coke or 7 & 7?)
*Steak dinner (what "mancation" would be complete without the carnage of beef?)
*Big 'ol fattie cigar and a game of poker

"A throwback to manhood" described a thirty-something guy who was pretty gung-ho about the whole "mancation" idea (I think the cigar smoke was getting to his head).

Okay guys, you can have your "mancation", but what about the women you leave behind? I hereby declare that hotels, airlines and spas worldwide should begin catering to mommies. The "momcation" should be a word that rolls off our lips as easily as "pampers" or "bathtime". Moms everywhere need a tailor-made vacation that meets their every need, want and fantasy; a vacation touted as a "throwback to motherhood", if you will.

So here's my pitch. My "momcation" itinerary would look something like this:

*Lay in bed in 1,000 count sheets until your body feels like getting up (according to your own internal body clock, not your husband's or children's)
*Be served a healthy breakfast in bed
*Have a personal trainer (who looks like Brad Pitt, or Dave Matthews - sorry, this is MY fantasy) bust your butt so you can relax the rest of the day, guilt-free
*Shower in one of those 10 shower head parisian showers
*Sip your herbal tea while a professional does your hair and make-up
*Meet girlfriends (who all received the "momcation" treatment in their private rooms) for extravagant shopping
*Back in time for 2 hour massage
*Pre-dinner disco dancing lessons with all your friends and cocktails (hustle anyone?)
*7 course dinner prepared by famous celebrity chef
*Viewing of a first-run romantic comedy (preferably starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant) in a theater with no kids or cellphones
*Retire to your room to a drawn bubble bath, a cozy terry robe and back into those 1,000 thread-count sheets only to repeat again tomorrow (with, no "mommy, I need ____.")

Do you think I will be reading about this new trend in Travel magazine soon? Perhaps the travel channel will showcase it as the latest and fastest growing vacation trend to date.

"Momcation", here I come (in my dreams).


Christina_the_wench said...

I want the mancation. I don't want to exercise on my time off. Though a Brad PItt look-alike could change my mind.....

Mamacita Tina said...

Momcation...EXCELLENT! All I want is for someone to take care of me, hang out with my friends, sleep in, lounge to my heart's content, and not have to change any diapers!

Becky said...

that sounds heavenly. i wish...

jennster said...

i saw the show on this last night and i was so fucking irritated.. as if men don't have enough mancation in general just living. i hate the implication that men have it so rough, that they need time away from the women in their lives. fuck off. lol

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

whoa. start a travel agency right now for momcations. I'll be your first customer. That is a kick-ass idea and counterpart to the mancation.


Petite Mom Blogger said...

great idea! Wow. Sign me up for the momcation too. :)

Angry Dad said...

Any bloke who travels will half jokingly tell you that it is always a "mancation" whilst there away, and given your itinerary, sometimes it is! =-)~

Mommy off the Record said...

I have never heard of Mancations! Too funny!

I'm with you on the momcations. There'd definitely have to be a momcation for every mancation in this household!

LynnF said...

Momcation Momcation take me Away!!! LOL!What a lovely idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladies,

Ask and ye shall receive. has been conceived as of this posting and will become a reality soon.

The Man (Mike)