Thursday, October 26, 2006

How to Dress Your Toddler

Sometimes, especially while thumbing through People magazine's StyleWatch section, I can picture Katie's picture there, all grown-up next to a 60 year-old Mary Kate Olsen (wearing a burlap sack, beret and high-heeled birks) in her latest get-up. Now, I am extremely proud that the girl can dress herself. But does that mean that she should? Case in point:

These adorable bear-bottomed BabyGap tights were irresistable to Mommy, shopping for back-to-school clothes at the outlet mall this fall, but she had no idea that they would be paired with:

these play shoes a la Tarjay (which are super easy on and off for toddlers - velcro people, is a mother's best friend).

Likewise, this hand-me-down jean skirt waited patiently in Katie's closet until she was big enough to fit into it, but Mommy had other plans for it, other than being paired with:

which is actually a pretty cute top, but when you put it all together:

it is a trainwreck!

Yup. I'd hide under the bed if I dressed myself like that too! (Mary Kate, is that you under there?)

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to dress her up like an overly coordinated garanimal, but her taste in clothing really cracks me up. And it is not just what she chooses for her wardrobe, but the way she explains how she will wear each piece (and tights seem to be a favorite item these days) so matter-of-factly, like she has put great care and consideration into how the ensemble will look, or not look -- see below the lack of clothing phase (thankfully it's too cold to pull this off now):

But wait! Just put on a pair of TIGHTS and you can return to those sunny days of summer when all you wore outside was your panties and a t-shirt (but be sure to wear your rubber boots, long-sleeved shirt and vest with your tights)!

Then again, I should've seen it coming:

Here she is, almost exactly one year ago (same boots, same missing pants).

Mary Kate, take notes.


Christina_the_wench said...

She is adorable. That trumps the fashion faux pas anytime. ;)

Angry Dad said...

Some of us, dear friend, prefer to sacrifice style for comfort... and she sure looks comfortable!

Pendullum said...

A fashion diva in the making!

Kristin said...

Maybe she and Eva can hook up and start a clothing line...

Lisa said...


Someday you'll fight in public over the clothes she wants to wear versus the clothes you want to buy.

Been there with my mom many a time.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I love it. She owns the look. A model like that can pull off anything.


Kristen said...

LOL- I'm really wondering what getup mine is going to put together when she gets old enough to choose. Right now she pretty much tells me whatever I pick out for the day is "cute!!" I put some interesting looks together back in the day so I'm probably in for a treat LOL.

Mamacita Tina said...

I have to say that first picture of her in the complete outfit is a designers nightmare. (That's good.) Break the rules and wear what you want. Have fun Katie!

Left Coast Sister said...

Here's to many years of "Are-you-really-going-to-wear-that,Mom?!" in the future! At least you have some blackmail on your side!! (: LOVE the tights!

modmom said...

awe she's adorable!
my daughter has some of those bear butt tights. she's crazy about tights.
it's 90 degrees here in silicon valley now, but it should be tights weather.
nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Lily and I love the way Katie dresses! Especially the panties and the rubber boots!!!! What a trend setter! Love ya Katie! Auntie Tracy and Lily