Monday, October 30, 2006

Household Hint #103

The next time you find your mailbox stuffed full with political advertisements day after day, save them.

Use them as wrapping paper for Christmas and any other gift-giving occassions coming up. Adorned with a pretty bow, they will dress up even the most mundane of gifts!

What better way to use these completely ridiculous, wasteful and stupid pieces of heavy-weight, glossy advertisement?


Left Coast Sister said...

Let us know how this goes over this year!! (: I'd love to have the opportunity to rip Gov. Schwarzenegger's smear campaign into shreads!! (and then get a present for my efforts!!)

LindaJ said...

Hey!!! I have a birthday coming gov/president wrapping for me.
It also makes good kitty litter filler.

Mel said...

I save 'em. Then I take them to my dad, who has a woodstove. They make excellent starter.
Stupid waste of paper is utterly right.

Mamacita Tina said...

Gleefully shred them.

Kevin Charnas said...

THAT is an excellent idea. I was just thinking how wasteful all of it was. Carrie? See? You are the bomb.

I actually thought about getting a hold of the candidates to tell them how wasteful they're being. assholes.