Saturday, August 26, 2006

No More Teachers, No More Books . . . A Mom's Lament

August is almost over and all week I've been hearing snippets of conversation involving the fact that some children are already back to school. Not in our neck of the woods, not for another 2 weeks. Yes, I am going to admit it, right here and right now. I am ready for the kids to return to school. I am done. The fun times of summer have relented and in their wake lies two, make that three, kids who need their regular routines back.

Instead of happily looking forward to what the day may bring, we are waking up restless, needful for structure and something to do other than swim, ride bikes, play with legos, swim, play firefighter (okay only 2 feel that way), go to the park, swim, go to the zoo and, oh yeah, swim.

When June 16th hit, I didn't think I'd live to see the day these kids were begging for schools return. And now, I don't know how we'll make it until September 6th. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, a few activities that aren't exhausted and some places we haven't been, but it's going to be a long haul.

Fortunately, we've kept our game faces on during these "dog days of summer". There have been some fun moments and good times in these last few weeks, it isn't all that bad (trying really hard here to see the silver lining, can you tell?).

The boys entertained baby Landon like they were auditioning for a spot on "American Idol" and he was Simon Cowell.

Here they are on the lion (again).

McRae, Katie and Laila.

McRae, Braydon, Lila, Katie and Wyatt on the hippo at the zoo.

When the going gets tough, do a little beach yoga!

No hat? Wear a bucket on your head, the newest trend for the upcoming season, catch it on the runway soon!

Okay everybody, cross your fingers that we all make it through these last few weeks in one piece, we're talking about our Mom, here people.
McRae, Wyatt and Katie


something blue said...

Our summer has passed without us having enjoyed it yet. The hazards of work and daycare. I could use a little beach yoga and trip to the zoo!

Fingers crossed for you!

Kevin Charnas said...

LOVE the has that certain, Je ne sais quoi... I can understand how you're ready, but it certainly sounds like you all have had one filled-up summer! and the pics, so, so cute!

Mrs. Chicky said...

I want a bucket, too! It's tres chic.

I love the pictures. Kind of makes you want to keep them home longer, right? :)

Mamacita Tina said...

I'm impressed, you've kept those kiddos busy (and yourself, of course)!

I wish our district would switch to an all school year schedule...9 weeks in school, 3 weeks off, 9 weeks in school, 3 weeks off, 9 weeks in school, 3 weeks off, 9 weeks in school, 6 weeks off. Other cities in my area have done this, and I soooooo wish we would too. Summers won't seem too long and you get some nice breaks in cooler weather and holiday time.

Angry Dad said...

It's weird that you're talking about your kids going back to school, and our kids are coming up to their 3rd term break. Fortunately, I think this is only a week or two! Still, roll on Summer!!

Lisa said...

Your kiddos are so adoreable! I wish you lived closer to me. My son would LOVE to play with your kids. I'm sure they'd have fun playing his new "Let's pee in the wastecan" game. Gah!

Becky said...

aww again such cute pics! i knwo my mom couldnt' wait for when we went back to school every august. i'm sure i'll be the same!

Nut's mom said...

summer's over? already?