Monday, July 03, 2006

Lame List

In the fun of all things lame, I bring to you my lame list thanks to Lisa.

According to me, the following are lame:

1. migraines (ouch)

2. liars (no tolerence)

3. poi (glue)

4. brussel sprouts (fed them to the cat)

5. VH1 Country (ears are bleeding)

6. pollution (cough, choke)

7. magnetix (choking hazards - personal experience)

8. no Sex and the City (I miss the girls)

9. bug bites (ouch)

10. going to the dentist (ouch)

11. slivers (ouch)

12. tantrums (wow)

13. tequila (scarred for life)

14. bratz dolls (burn them all)

15. low-low-rise pants (don't care how cute you are, keep it in the clubs)

16. the "war" in Iraq (enough already)

17. anti-choice (none of your business)

18. pedestrians in the road (use the sidewalk please)

19. raccoons in my backyard (dirty little . . .)

20. brain freezes (ouch)

And now (just for my own fun so as not to breed hatred amongst me, myself and I), to counteract all that negativity, here are 2o things that I think take the cake:

1. Christmas (the gatherings, the food, the traditions)

2. sand (warm)

3. snow (cold)

4. Hershey's coconut kisses (sinful)

5. bleach (best all-purpose cleaning product available - just don't get it on your black shirt)

6. spray tanner (Neutrogena Micro Mist)

7. baby lotion (reminds me of babies)

8. babies (love 'em)

9. lipstick (can't live without it)

10. lavendar (for relaxing and growing)

11. love (seriously, it IS all you need)

12. humility (you can learn a lot from it)

13. DMB (can't have a list without them on it)

14. Dian Fossey (my hero)

15. satellite radio (don't have it, but would love to)

16. family (that includes all you love)

17. books (only good ones)

18. pina coladas (yes, I like 'em)

19. Maya Angelou (she should be president)

20. Goodnight Moon (who doesn't?)


Angry Dad said...

What a wonderfully balanced person you are! You have lots of "ouch's" in the things you don't like. I don't like "ouch's" either.

Kristin said...

Great lists... and I love your photo... your daughter looks just like you!

Jenny said...

Hee. VH1 Country makes me want to throw up.

Nut's mom said...

oh you are gonna hate me but... I HATE GOODNIGHT MOON!





Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

loved both your lists. very much agree.

P.S. OMG, did you say COCONUT Hershey's Kisses? I have never seen those. Want them now. I love anything coconut/chocolate.


Lisa said...

LOVED both of your list. Migraines? YES! HATE them. And gotta try those Hershey's coconut kisses. Sound sinful...

sunshine scribe said...

Great lists. And great new profile picture. You are gorgeous.

And Maya Angelou SHOULD be president!

mom said...

I love the balance you have found. When I spend time with too much negativity, your dad has to talk me down! So, for all you folks who have a :(, counter that! Kind of like Yoga.....

The glass should be half full, ¿verdad?

Mom101 said...

Great list. I think I like you even more now.

I've been instructed to start referring to Iraq as the occupation instead of the war, since that's what it is. I'm on board.

Mommy off the Record said...

Love your new picture, Carrie! And great lists. I agree on everything, especially on the country music and the Iraq "war".

Stacy said...

great list. I think tantrums are really lame, too. I am so over them!