Friday, May 12, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

Wyatt had one of his visits with the Endodontist (who reminds me of a hotter version of Dr. Rey from Dr. 90210) the other day. I had pulled the boys from school early to get this done since Daddy was at work and we had a busy afternoon. Katie, McRae and I sat reading magazines and playing games on my cell phone for about 45 minutes while Wyatt was being "examined".

Katie loves to read the same Reader's Digest Magazine each time we visit this office. Maybe because it is just her size? Who knows.

Anyway, she's thumbing through the pages, showing me everything she finds interesting and saying "ooh, look at that" or "oh yeah, that's good" (her fav phrases at the moment). She gets to an ad with Kobe Bryant in it (I have no idea which one), she blurts out "Is this my Daddy?" with a totally serious look on her face. She repeats this about three times, knowing that I am about to crack up.

Now, if you've ever seen my daughter, you would know that there is exactly 0% chance that she's the offspring of Kobe Bryant. Still, it was hilarious.

I am sure that the other patrons in the waiting room were wondering what kind of a parenting job I was doing. Let them wonder . . .


LindaJ said...

Kobe's not bad he can be my daddy...He likes little girls and rough sex...never mind. His wallet can be my daddy.

Tori said...

How funny!
Of all the dudes in the magazine, she wanted Kobe to be her "baby Daddy"

Mrs. Chicky said...

Ha! Too funny! I can just imagine all those parents in that waiting room trying hard not to seem like they were eavesdropping to hear your answer!

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