Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Notice the Change?

I tried to post this little story yesterday, but lo and behold, I got kicked off AOL again. So, of what my tired mind can recall, I was going to explain why I changed the name of the blog. Can you guess? Do you have it yet? Yes, that's right, because my lovely third-born can be, at times, anything BUT chrarming!

Take our trip to get the oil changed:

The day was starting out great. Mommy woke up rested and even a little "spunky" (which is totally off for me), boys didn't fight over the cereal box at breakfast and made it to the bus stop on time with freshly showered bodies AND brushed teeth. Katie left her Dora doll in the tub and was eager to get ready for school. Yes, things were going well . . . I should've known.

After a "Mommy and Me" craft-making session at preschool, I was feeling like we still had enough going for us to brave a few errands. After all, we had just spent the morning making adorable picture frames, potting a marigold in a pot that Katie got to pick out all by herself and decorated heart-shaped cookies. Are you picturing a Hallmark card yet?

My car needed the oil changed so what the heck? Katie and I can tackle this, no big deal shouldn't take too long (at least that's what the name of the place insinuates). Well, in we go and up goes the hood, I am whisked to the waiting area almost before I can retrieve my girl from her carseat. Those guys are THAT fast. Katie finds herself the water cooler to play with and being that we are the only customers in there, I think okay, go ahead.
Bad Idea.

"Mommy, more water please"

"No, you already have a full cup"


"Katie, drink the water you have and then you can get more"

(enter sweet grandmotherly type lady)

"More water Momma"

"Katie, drink what you have"

"I want more"

"Katie, you already have lots"

"Paaaa leeee eeeeze"

"Okay, bring me your water and I'll drink it, then you can get more"

"Noooooo, MORE"

(grandmotherly lady smiles nicely and says how different little girls are than boys)

"Katie, please bring Mommy your cup"

Okay, she brings me the cup. I drink her water. She then smashes the cup on my face, thus poking me in the eye with a broken styrofoam portion of said cup. What? Why? She then proceeds to get as far away as possible from me and pouts in another chair.

"Ma'am yours is done"

"Thank you" I say with an eyeful of tears from the poke! Did I mention that the jovial boy at the lube store earlier talked me into putting synthetic oil into the car instead of the regular old stuff. Costs twice as much but I thought hey, he knows what he's talking about! Wrong! According to hubby, no need and now I guess we may always have to get synthetic. This is exactly why I dislike running "car errands".

"Once you go synthetic, you never go back"

It was not my day, and not my daughters' most charming either. Sorry to disappoint, nice grandmotherly lady.

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