Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ma'am, Your Garage Door is Open

Here is the latest weirdness in our house: Our garage door mysteriously opens up in the middle of the night and none of us are aware of this. What the . . . ?

On two occassions last week as Hubby was leaving VERY early in the morning for work, the damn thing was open. There lies my parked car complete with purse, cell phone (which those who know me will verify that it is always in my car - never on my person so I can actually recieve important calls), cash, cds and any number of ways to steal my identity. Also, a direct entry into the house in which we are all soundly (must be sound not to hear the garage open as it is not a new "quiet" model) sleeping. Creepy, to say the least.

So, after the second time, Hubby and I wonder why we keep forgetting to close the stupid thing this week. We are not worried at this point. We go away for the weekend, door doesn't open. Home Sunday night, close door, go to bed. Monday morning the door is open again at the wee hour Hubby is leaving. Okay, now I'm getting freaked out!

I probably wouldn't think that it was such a big deal; however, Hubby is a Firefighter and therefore, gone 24 hours at a time. This translates into being home several nights a week alone. I am still the girl who remembers that scary movie where the girl is babysitting and the phone rings "Have you checked the children?" I totally freak myself out very easily. I run around before bed checking windows, doors and making sure outside lights are properly illuminated. I sleep facing my bedroom door so that I won't be victim of a "sneak attack". I am paranoid. It doesn't help much when our local news reports that some dude has been breaking into people's houses at night and several women have been assaulted or woken up with the sicko standing over them while they are sleeping!!! And these gals aren't the pick of the litter either, so what's to stop the crazy guy from stalking me? I know, I need to relax.

Solution until we get a new garage door opener: unplug it at night, therefore nobody can open it! This isn't so bad, thanks to my Dad for the brilliant suggestion while I was home alone.

Excuse me, I need to go find a butter knife and put it under my pillow.


LindaJ said...

Maybe the seek attacker will look like Dave??? Humm....Bet you never thought that? I doubt that Dale Jr is gonna break into my house and attack me.....I can dream.

carrie said...

If Dave Matthews wants to break into my house, I will leave the garage door open for him. Heck, I'll also put out a neon sign and balloons too!

ciodude said...

Lately we've had the same kind of issue with the ceiling fan and light in the master bedroom. It operates off a wireless remote in the wall and at strange and odd times, the fan will turn on and sometimes the light as well.

I've tried switching it to a different setting, but the stupid thing wont work on any other settings!


Andreia said...

Sounds like a case for Ghostbusters. BTW, have you watched that LATELY? It is so stupid.

carrie said...

I wish I could say that I haven't seen Ghostbusters in a loooong time, alas, my oldest loves it! Begs for it every time he sees the DVD at the store. I just keep on walking past . . .